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Getting In & Out of Chairs

July 6, 2022

Getting in and out of chairs requires strength in arms, legs and back to, sit down, stand up, push and
to position oneself in the chair.

For situations where these tasks are difficult to perform due to injury, general weakness or disease,
various devices are available to assist with the differing levels of need.

Specifically, to remain independent and safe in transferring to and from chairs, you should consider:

Chair Height
Something to enable the height of the chair to be adjusted to suit your abilities such as, height adjustable chairs and chair raisers;

Rails support
Something to hold on to, as support when transferring such as, chairs with arms, support pole and rails,

Moving easily
Something to help you move into and out of a chair more easily such as, lift chairs; Revolution chair, swivel cushions, chairs with arms;

Comfort in a chair
Something to provide back and neck support for comfort in the chair and to prevent the body stiffening up such as, recliner chair, chairs with arms, back and neck support cushions and lumber rolls;

Non-slip flooring
Something to stand on to avoid slipping during transfers such as, non slip mats.

The Mobility Store always recommends you consult a suitably qualified health professional such as an occupational therapist for additional advice on your specific situation.