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Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes

Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes
Confident Care Bed Bath and Adult Wipes

CCP Adult Wipes - are made from super soft spunlace fabric for gentle and effective cleansing. Impregnated with a gentle no-rinse cleansing formula which is pleasantly scented and alcohol free containing Aloe Vera to help condition the skin.

CCP Adult Wipes are pH balanced and hypoallergenic to soothe even sensitive delicate skin. Each cloth has super strong strength and is extra large (23 x 33cm) so it completely covers the hand for easy cleaning. One wipe does the job. You will notice that each wipe is cling free and unfolds with little effort. The lid stays open for easy dispensing and comes in a resealable pack. Give them the pop test and compare to your current baby or adult wipe.

Pack size containing 50 wipes

Generously sized cloths (23 x 33cm) cuts down on wastage

Pre-moistened for quick clean ups

Strong yet extra soft spunlace washcloths will not tear

Supplied in an easy open, re-useable dispenser

Adult Wipes are Alcohol free

Contain Aloe Vera for use on sensitive skin

Reduced linen costs and usage

No more lost face washers

CCP BedBath Lite with Aloe Vera contains a cleansing formula to help nourish & moisturise the skin. Gentle & non irritating it can be used on all areas of the body.

Each pack contains 8 washcloths for each part of the body as follows:

1. Face, Neck & Chest,

2. Left Arm.

3. Right Arm,

4. Back,

5. Left Leg,

6. Right Leg,

7. Buttocks

8. Perineum

Confident Care 5 in 1 Care Wipes are specifically designed with continence care in mind. They provide effective cleansing, deosorising, & moisturising with anti-microbial properties and leaves behind a barrier protection helping to prevent skin breakdown.

*Cleansing*Deodorising*Moisturising*Anti Microbial*Barrier Protection.

Please note: These wipes are not suitable to be flushed.

Confident Care Products 'Bedbath'TM with skin check system Spot The Red™ - Our unique skin check system is incorporated into our basinless bathing product encouraging and empowering nursing staff of all levels to document areas of concern and to report to the nurse in charge immediately thus facilitating compliance to your reporting protocol. Helping reduce the incidences of pressure ulcers and skin breakdown before it happens. Extra soft cloths to cleanse the skin of those that cannot use the shower or bath.

We ask that during bathing and continence care you examine the skin from head to toe for the presence of bruises, redness, rashes, abnormal skin temperature, pale areas and any pain or discomfort. Then simply circle the areas of concern on the anatomic graph and report immediately to the nurse in charge so your concern can be documented and a plan of care actioned accordingly.

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