Cushions & Pillows

Cushions & Pillows

Enjoy support and relief in bed, while sitting or when reclining from the choice of cushions and pillows at The Mobility Store.

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Bed Wedge (quilted cover) Therapillow

Scalloped top surface molds to the body’s contours and provides a safer sleeping position for thos..

$219.00 Ex Tax: $219.00

Cuddle Buddy - Comfort Pillow (Various Colours)

The Cuddle Buddy is sensuously soft and squishy and perfect for relieving body aches and pains. S..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Cushion - Foam Ring, with Cover

Foam Ring Cushion Oval shaped foam cushion with convoluted foam top. Designed to reduce pressure..

$54.95 Ex Tax: $54.95

Cushion - Posture Wedge Foam

Posture Wedge Cushion Lightweight and portable. Designed to maintain correct ergonomic seating. ..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Cushion - Wheelchair, Gel & Foam

Combination Gel & Foam Wheelchair Cushion High density foam (85%) and silicon gel (15%) cushi..

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

Diffuser Cushion w w/proof cover

The Diffuser Cushion - Memoryfoam Chair & Seat CushionEnjoy the forgiving properties of pressur..

$109.00 Ex Tax: $109.00

Inflatable Ring Cushion

Convenient for home, car or workplace, this invalid ring allows you to sit comfortably for long peri..

$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95

Leg Relaxer (quilted cover) Therapillow

Leg Relaxer - Contoured Leg Wedge Support - Elevate Legs Improves Circulation. Reduce lower back p..

$138.95 Ex Tax: $138.95

Lumbar Roll - Part Round Memory Foam

Part Round Lumbar Roll Half round lumbar support. Compact and portable. Washable black vel..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Memory Foam Pillow

Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow Made from soft Memory Foam. Contours to head and neck profil..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

Pillow - Padded Knee Separator & Hip Support

Padded Knee & Hip Support Pillow Ideal for people after hip replacement to limit joint moveme..

$44.95 Ex Tax: $44.95

Pressure Point Massage Cushion

Square Massager Pillow, Made of Soft PVC "Leather"Relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.Bat..

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Side Wedge Cushion

Comfort Wedge Pillow Soft memory foam wedge cushion. Removable black velour cover. Multi u..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Spine Ease Massage Pillow (Backrest)

A contoured backrest with battery operated massage. It is curved in two directions. The vertical cu..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Swivel Cushion - Flexible Fabric

Swivel Cushion The Swivel Cushion is a soft, flexible swivel seat, with a unique design that allo..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Wheelchair Cushion - Dual Layer

Memory Foam Comfort Cushion Dual foam base with an upper layer of memory foam. Designed to r..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

Coccyx Cushion

Memory Foam Pressure relief cushion ● Special hollow cut out to reduce pressure on coccyx or ..

$61.30 Ex Tax: $61.30

Coccyx Pressure Ring Cushion

● Pressure relief cushion ● Reduces pressure on the coccyx or haemorrhoids ● Special cut out for..

$61.30 Ex Tax: $61.30