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Everyday Aids

Everyday Aids

An extensive range of aids and equipment for daily living is available at The Mobility Store to assist in making everyday tasks and activities easier.

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Acrylic Sheet Magnifier w/ bonus

Acrylic Sheet Magnifier A4 size Magnifiying sheet. BONUS credit card size mangifier (excellent f..

$5.95 Ex Tax: $5.95

Air Putty (Extra Soft - Medium)

Amazingly light making it ideal for people with reduced hand strength. Air Putty can be used for ar..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $13.95

Auto Seatbelt Reacher

Easy Seat Belt Reacher (Pair) Easily attaches to seat belt on either driver or passenger side ..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $24.95

Button Hook & Zipper Aid

Button Hook and Zipper Aid Helps fasten buttons. Provides a easy method of threading buttons thr..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95

Can Key

The Can Key assists in the opening of ring-pull can lids, including soft drink cans. To use, slide ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

Cutlery - Ergo

Ergo Cutlery Set contains one each of knife, fork, spoon. Lightweight and practical. Ergonomica..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Dressing Stick

Dressing Stick Features a smooth wooden shaft with a large plastic coated hook and a specially sh..

$16.95 Ex Tax: $16.95

Dycem Non Slip Pad, 19cm Round

Developed from PVC by a patented method too produce by far the most effective non-stick material ava..

$38.95 Ex Tax: $38.95

ETAC Beauty Multipurpose Grip (Nail File or for Toothbrush)

The Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip rests securely in the whole hand and offers a variety of use for p..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Good Grips Bendable Cutlery

Features:- Stainless steel utensils.- 3.5cm built-up handle made from soft, latex-free material..

$23.95 Ex Tax: $23.95


Handybar The Handybar offers support and protects from falls by allowing the user to stand safely..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Hot / Cold Pack - Large

Hot / Cold Pack - Large Suitable for hot and cold therapy use - such as for bruises, strains, and..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $21.95

Hot / Cold Pack - Small

Hot / Cold Pack - Small Suitable for hot and cold therapy use - such as for bruises, strains, and..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $18.95

Jar, Bottle & Tap Turners

Jar, Bottle & Tap Turners Lightweight molded plastic. Pliable easy grip inner rings. A..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Key Turner - 3 Keys

Key Turner Large, lightweight curved plastic handle. Provides comfortable grip and leverage whil..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $12.95

Neck Collar - Cervical S/M/L

Cervical Neck Collar Contour design provides stability & support whilst maximising comfort..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $24.95


Digital Pedometer Compact and easily attached to clothing. Features step counter, calorie counte..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $17.95

Pill Crusher

Pill Crusher Cylindrical pill storage container. Twist action top for pill grinding/crushing. T..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $11.95

Pill Splitter

Pill Splitter Compact, strong and lightweight. High quality stainless steel cutting blade. Two ..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95