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Everyday Aids

Everyday Aids

Ergonomic Workplace and Disability Products - Disability Products Online

A catalogue of everyday aid products and equipment catering to a variety of disability needs to ensure optimal daily living. These products aim to make everyday tasks and activities as easy and as comfortable as possible. We have products for the car, the kitchen, the home, rehabilitation and aids for getting dressed.

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Model: CT605&CT606
Acrylic Sheet MagnifierA4 size Magnifiying sheet. BONUS credit card size mangifier (excellent for travel). ..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Brand: Making Life Easy Model: 31006( AP04 8110)
Easy Seat Belt Reacher Easily attaches to seat belt on either driver or passenger side (front and back). Extends the handle of the seat belt. Reduces the need to twist when reaching for the seat belt. Portable with no permanent installation required.   ..
Ex Tax:$24.95
Brand: Book Seat Model: TBS-...
The Book Seat. The perfect reading support that holds a book open or a tablet computer in place for you while elevating the text. Not only does it allow you to relax and read hands-free, its ergonomic design reduces discomfort associated with holding reading material, in many situations.A unique..
Ex Tax:$44.95
Brand: Making Life Easy Model: 244643( AU02 PAT-AA4677)
Button Hook and Zipper AidHelps fasten buttons. Provides a easy method of threading buttons through button holes. Wooden handle.Includes a hook to assist with working zippers.          ..
Ex Tax:$15.95
Brand: Making Life Easy Model: 244627( AU04 PAT-AA4680)
Dressing StickFeatures a smooth wooden shaft with a large plastic coated hook and a specially shaped push/pull hook. Assist user in putting on jackets, pulling up trousers or skirts, and assisting with removal of socks. Promotes independence with dressing. A small hook at the opposite end of ..
Ex Tax:$16.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA6812B( AH09 PAT-AA6812B (19cm))
Developed from PVC by a patented method too produce by far the most effective non-stick material available. It is not sticky, but will grip on both sides of an object to prevent movement on any dry slippery surface e.g. worktops, trays, floors, tables etc. It may also be used to enhance grip on..
Ex Tax:$23.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: A77811
These No-tie elastic shoe laces means you don't have to struggle to tie up your shoes.Simply pull to the desired tightness on your foot and locks in to place.Applicable to most shoe types to replace traditional laces...
Ex Tax:$29.45
Brand: Novis Healthcare Model: ED802010082
The Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip rests securely in the whole hand and offers a variety of use for people with poor hand function or limited grip. A nail file can be inserted into the narrow end to assist with manicure and pedicure...
Ex Tax:$21.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: PAT-5618..
Features:- Stainless steel utensils.- 3.5cm built-up handle made from soft, latex-free material.- Flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. - Able to be bend at the shaft to any angle (one time only), for either left- or right-handed use. ..
Ex Tax:$29.45
Model: ( AP09 31003)
HandybarThe Handybar offers support and protects from falls by allowing the user to stand safely from their vehicle. Its universal fit ensures it fits securely into either the passenger or driver side of the door of almost all types of vehicles and no installation is required. Comes with added s..
Ex Tax:$49.95
Brand: Donaldson Model: 3703( AH07 Jarkey)
Makes opening jars super easy without damaging the lid.Dishwasher safe...
Ex Tax:$9.95
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