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Button Hook & Zipper Aid

Button Hook and Zipper AidHelps fasten buttons. Provides a easy method of threading buttons thr..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95

Easyreach Lotion Applicator

The Easy Reach folding lotion and cream applicator is curved for easy reaching with a contoured pad ..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $17.95

ETAC Beauty Body Washer

The Etac Beauty Body Washer is designed to make it easy to reach and clean the body. Wash cloth does..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

ETAC Beauty Comb Long Handle

The long-handled Etac Beauty Comb is recommended for users who can only reach up to the shoulder. Er..

$33.50 Ex Tax: $33.50

ETAC Beauty Hair Washer

The Etac Beauty Hair Washer substitutes for the fingers for the application of shampoo and gentle sc..

$46.95 Ex Tax: $46.95

ETAC Beauty Hairbrush, Long

The long-handled Etac Beauty Hairbrush is recommended for users who can only reach up to the shoulde..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

ETAC Beauty Kit (body washer/comb long/grip with files)

Etac Beauty products are a light weight range of ergonomically designed body care products, which ar..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $69.95

ETAC Beauty Multipurpose Grip (Nail File or for Toothbrush)

The Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip rests securely in the whole hand and offers a variety of use for p..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $19.95

Ezy As Handle Attachment

An optional handle attachment is available to be used with the Ezy-As applicator. The handle allows..

$27.95 Ex Tax: $27.95

Ezy As Stocking Donner S/M/L

The Ezy-As reduces the effort and pain when applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It ..

$58.95 Ex Tax: $58.95

Hot/Cold Pack - Small or Large

Hot / Cold PackSuitable for hot and cold therapy use - such as for bruises, strains, and gene..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $11.95


Digital PedometerCompact and easily attached to clothing. Features step counter, calorie counte..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $17.95

Pill Crusher

Pill CrusherCylindrical pill storage container. Twist action top for pill grinding/crushing. T..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $11.95

Reacher (60cm/ 75cm/ 90cm)

Premium ReacherEasy hand trigger operation. Lightweight aluminium frame. Hook on one side of j..

$25.95 Ex Tax: $25.95

Reacher - Folding 70cm

Folding Reacher - 70cmEasy trigger operation. Lightweight, folding reacher ideal for travelling..

$39.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

Sponge - Long Handled, Contour

Long Handled SpongeLightweight, with easy grip plastic handle. Ideal for washing hard to reach ..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95

Standard Bottom Wiper

Ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult.Totally new design overcomes the draw..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Limbo Cast and Wound Protectors - Hand, Arm, Leg, Foot

The LimbO is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressing from getting wet during bathing. I..

$36.95 Ex Tax: $36.95

Petal Back Clothing Range Ladies & Mens

Petal Back Clothing, make a range of clothing for Men & Women with limited mobility and may requ..

$0.00 Ex Tax: $0.00

Pill Splitter

Pill SplitterCompact, strong and lightweight. High quality stainless steel cutting blade. ..

$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.95