How to hire

How to hire

To place an order over the phone simply call our Melbourne store on (03) 9894 2405 or Perth store on (08) 7666 2385 and we will talk you through the hire booking process.

  1. Select the product you require for hire from our website.
  2. Select a delivery/pickup option* and place your order.
  3. In the order notes section include your full contact details and the date you require the hire item/s.

Your order will comprise
  1. payment for the bond***
  2. the first week of hire (or the 2 weeks minimum for some items)
  3. any delivery fees (if selected).
  • Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange delivery or a time for pickup. Prior to delivery or at the time of pickup we will ask that you provide us with credit card details**. This is for security and to process future weeks’ hire charges.
  •  If you have selected store pickup, please wait for us to confirm your order is ready before coming into the store. 
  • Please do not order more than a week in advance of needing the item, as we are unable to hold items for more than a week without you first checking future availability with us. 
  • We will process a hire charge to your nominated credit card on a weekly basis until it is returned or you contact us to arrange pickup.  
  • Once the item is returned to us in an acceptable condition*** we will return the bond to you and securely delete any credit card details.  

*    If you require more than one item and require delivery, you only need to add delivery to the item   with the highest delivery/installation fee.  For all other items select “Other (please quote)”. 

** If you would prefer not to provide us with credit card details please call us to discuss other options.

*** When ordering hire items online you agree to the HIRE TERMS AND CONDITIONS seen HERE.

Please Note:

  1. We are unable to guarantee that we will have the item you would like available at the time of order, however we always do our best to arrange one for you.
  2. We are only able to hire items within the Melbourne or Perth region.  If you live in a “fringe” suburb please phone us to check.
  3.  You can also choose to buy your hire item at any point of your hire and have a portion of your hire payments taken off the cost. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our hire process.

Hire Item FAQs

These FAQs briefly outline key points of hiring from The Mobility Store. Please also refer the Hire Terms & Conditions below.
Loose fastenings. Minor scratches or abrasions to metal paintwork, plastic parts.
Dents/bends/cracks in metal; cracks in plastic; scratches/abrasions in leather that break the surface; torn vinyl, leather or fabric.

Any other damage or wear and tear that at our staff’s sole discretion renders the item not suitable for future hire for hygiene or safety reasons.

You will be charged for all damages, repairs and lost parts or replacement of the item if it cannot be repaired.
Our hire items are not insured for loss or theft. You will be charged as if you had bought the item.
The Mobility Store staff will indicate this on the hire form and we recommend that you also check over the item before taking it home.
Yes. There is a standard charge for us to deliver and to pick up depending on your suburb.
Yes. Please ask us at any time for the discounted price to buy your hire item.
Charges are weekly based on full weeks plus weeks part thereof. There is no daily rate.
You can return an item up to our close of business on the same day of the week that you commenced the hire. eg if you hired an item at 9am on a Tuesday you could return it up to 5pm on a Tuesday.
You may return the item the next business day we are open without incurring an additional weekly charge.
All repairs must be carried out by The Mobility Store. Please phone us if there an issue with the hire item.

Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. The hire period for any item will commence on the day that the item is either collected from The Mobility Store OR when the item is delivered to the customer’s nominated address.

  2. The hire period for any item will cease on the day that the item is either returned to The Mobility Store OR when the item is collected from the customer’s nominated address.

  3. There is a delivery fee for the delivery of an item to a customer’s nominated address and a collection fee for the collection of an item from a customer’s nominated address, based on the distance travelled.

  4. The minimum hire period for an item (excluding Beds, Lift-Chairs & Scooters) will be charged as 1 week, even if the item is returned within the first week. Both the “commence day” and the “cease day” are considered chargeable hire days. Hire charges accrue on a weekly basis and are payable in advance.

  5. All hire charges, including any delivery or collection fees, are payable via a credit card to facilitate the ongoing charging of hire fees in advance. If a customer does not have a valid credit card then The Mobility Store may provide an alternate arrangement whereby the item is paid for in full, at the suggested recommended retail price (S-RRP), with any amount over the agreed hire charges being refunded at the end of the hire period. This alternate arrangement is entirely at the Manager’s discretion and any amount due for refund will be subject to a reduction to cover cleaning, damage or lost parts if applicable.

  6. The hire deposit/bond is payable along with the first weeks hire charge on the “commence day”. The hire deposit/bond will be refunded at the end of the hire period, when the item is returned (or collected), if all hire charges have been paid during the hire period. Any amount due to be refunded will be reduced by any charges to cover cleaning, damage or lost parts if applicable.

  7. The Mobility Store will ensure that each item provided for hire is cleaned, sanitised and has had a safety check before being provided to the customer.

  8. If an item is returned (or collected) that is not cleaned to a similar standard as originally provided by The Mobility Store a cleaning fee may be charged. Cleaning fees are charged at $66.00 (GST inclusive) per hour with a minimum of 1 hour being charged for any cleaning required.

  9. The Mobility Store accepts that items will be subject to “reasonable wear and tear” during the period of hire. If an item is returned with damage that is not considered to be “reasonable wear and tear” then the cost to repair the item will be charged to the customer or cardholder and may involve the forfeit of the deposit/bond amount. If the amount required to rectify any damage exceeds the deposit/bond amount, the cardholder, by signing this agreement, authorises The Mobility Store to charge such costs to the nominated credit card. In the event that major repairs are required for an item the customer or cardholder will be given the choice to purchase the item at the suggested recommended retail price (S-RRP) or other such amount as agreed between The Mobility Store and the customer or cardholder.

  10. Any repair work required to any item is to be discussed with The Mobility Store and any unauthorised repair work on an item will be at the cost of the customer. Unauthorised repairs may render an item unsafe for further use and may also involve the forfeit of the deposit/bond amount.

  11. The Mobility Store reserves the right to end a hire period and collect an item, with 24 hours’ notice, should the customer fail to pay weekly hire charges in advance or be neglecting The Mobility Store property. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to update credit card details at all times and failure to make payments because of an expired credit card will be seen as a breach of this agreement. Any breach of this agreement may involve the forfeit of the deposit/bond amount or other action by The Mobility Store to recover the value of the products.

  12. Products being hired from The Mobility Store can be purchased during the hire period for a price agreed between The Mobility Store and the customer or cardholder. If a customer wishes to purchase a brand new item, and return the current hire item in their possession, The Mobility Store may contribute a portion of the hire charges already paid towards the purchase.

By booking and paying online the customer and cardholder accept these terms and conditions and confirm they have the capacity to authorise charges to the nominated credit card. The customer and cardholder also authorise The Mobility Store to charge to this credit card any amounts necessary to cover the deposit/bond, hire charges, delivery or collection fees and cleaning, damage or spare parts charges if applicable, or to settle an outstanding account.