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Fall Prevention & Protection

Fall Prevention & Protection

Many products are available to help prevent falls and to minimise injury in the event of a fall.

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Brand: Max Mobility Model: 46002
The Beside Mighty Rail makes it easy to get in-out-of-bed wherever you go. Its strong lightweight design only weighs 1kg, but supports up to 130kg! Simply snap the ends together for fast and easy assembly – no tools required. And like all of our products, it blends in with your bedroom to maintain t..
Ex Tax:$109.00
Brand: Max Mobility Model: 46003
The Bedside Sturdy Rail has legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing. The half-size rail is great for standing and can be used to prevent nighttime falls (Note: The Beside Extend-A-Rail is a better option for fall prevention). And like all of our products, it blends in with ..
Ex Tax:$149.00
Brand: Conni Model: 99-060090-00-1
The Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat is made of a heavy-duty, super absorbent top and anti-slip nitrile rubber base. The non-splash surface absorbs fluid, protecting carpets from stains and odours. It can be used next to the bed or chair for leaks that may occur when arising. Also excellent und..
Ex Tax:$89.95
Brand: Max Mobility Model: 46004( AB09 46004)
The Extend-A-Rail can be used as a half-bed rail to get in-and out of bed – and can be extended to 75cm with the push of a button. It blends in with your bedroom (like another piece of furniture) to maintain the comforting feeling of your home.Watch the video HERE. Features & Benefits2 in 1..
Ex Tax:$169.00
Model: ...
Easy to use, adaptable and comfortable, the HipSaver range provides hip protection and greater independence to those who have a hip injury, with falls risk or a medical condition that puts them at risk of falling. They are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit you, and are available in st..
Ex Tax:$54.95
Brand: Novis Healthcare Model: RM------( BG01 Various)
Ideal for prevention of falls in and around the home, this rubber backed indoor mat is manufactured from 100% skid resistant nitrile rubber backing and tufted nylon plus pile. It is the only mat that is approved by the Department of Veterans' Affairsdesigned for use on tiled, timber or lino surfaces..
Ex Tax:$60.50
Brand: Novis Healthcare Model: RMO-5888-CH( BG01 RMO-5888-CH)
An absorbent, hard wearing mat, designed for outside use. Slip resistant nitrile rubber backing, with a raised looped pile surface pattern that will not flatten.ideal for high traffic areas; suitable for all flooring typescleated rubber back minimises movementanti-trip tapered border to keep mat fla..
Ex Tax:$104.45
Brand: Pelican Model: ( AA16 444B)
The Stand Up Bed Alarm is placed on top of the mattress underneath the bottom bed sheets. It is triggered when the person gets out of bed.The Stand Up Bed Alarm is made with a sewn, wipeable vinyl cover. There are two ties to secure it in place around the mattress.Normally you want to place it so th..
Ex Tax:$299.00
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