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Patterson Medical

Brand: Patterson Medical Model: A7273( AU13 PAT-A7273)
Sock application is made easy with this flexible, plastic sock aid.     Slits in the plastic core allow it to bend around the heel.     The inside is lined with nylon to reduce friction.     The outside is lined with terry cloth to hol..
Ex Tax:$38.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA5710Y
This mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles for correct positioning when drinking The lid has a well designed spout and matches the Caring Cutlery range Useful for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright The mug is microwaveable. Not suitable for dishwashers...
Ex Tax:$21.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA5004( AH07 TBA)
This Dycem opener helps those with a poor grip to open and close jars. The non-slip properties provide a good strong grip to make opening easier, and to help make a good seal when closing.Just push down and twist...
Ex Tax:$14.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA6812B( AH09 PAT-AA6812B (19cm))
Developed from PVC by a patented method too produce by far the most effective non-stick material available. It is not sticky, but will grip on both sides of an object to prevent movement on any dry slippery surface e.g. worktops, trays, floors, tables etc. It may also be used to enhance grip on..
Ex Tax:$23.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: A9083..
Eggsercizer®, The World's Smallest Exercise Machine – for your hands.Enhanced visual and tactile appeal – looks and feels great.Redesigned to meet the needs of orthopaedic surgeons, PT's, OT's and exercise physiologists, the Eggsercizer® is:- Softer; resistance levels are reduced, creating a softer ..
Ex Tax:$22.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: A77811
These No-tie elastic shoe laces means you don't have to struggle to tie up your shoes.Simply pull to the desired tightness on your foot and locks in to place.Applicable to most shoe types to replace traditional laces...
Ex Tax:$29.45
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA1856
Enables you to wash difficult to reach places such as your back, without having to twist and bend.Double-sided.D-shape handles provide a more secure grip.Hand wash at 40 degree C; air dry only...
Ex Tax:$43.45
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: PAT-5618..
Features:- Stainless steel utensils.- 3.5cm built-up handle made from soft, latex-free material.- Flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. - Able to be bend at the shaft to any angle (one time only), for either left- or right-handed use. ..
Ex Tax:$29.45
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA4677( AU02 PAT-AA4677)
With an easy-grip contoured handle and shaped steel loop, this button hook is ideal for those that have difficulty fastening small buttons. Length 220mm (8-3/4")...
Ex Tax:$26.95
Brand: Patterson Medical Model: AA1831CY( AU08 AA1831C)
Sponge on a flexible wire rod with a large grip handle, overall length 61cm. Ideal for use by people with limited range of motion to wash all over their body...
Ex Tax:$24.95
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