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Brand: ICare Model: IC333
BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED MULTI-FUNCTION POWER LIFT BED  The IC333 Bed is unmatched for function and durability, taking the hospital look out of your room. This four-function bed, features dual lift motors, 'unlimited' under-bed clearance and eight heavy-duty castors (wheels). ..
Ex Tax:$3,380.00
Brand: ICare Model: IC90/ IC90F
- Absorbent to 2.4L with three layers including a breathable top layer and waterproof backing to keep bedding dry.- Machine Washable up to 80 degrees C; Tumble Dry safe.- Available with or without tuck-in flaps. ..
Ex Tax:$36.00
Brand: ICare Model: ICCP
- Absorbent up to 500mL.- 3 layer protection: Waterproof polyurethane bottom layer; absorbent middle layer, breathable top layer.- Suitable for sofas, armchairs, wheelchairs, scooters.- Tumble dry and machine washable...
Ex Tax:$26.95
Brand: ICare Model: IC1045/IC545
- Pressure & Heat Sensitive high-density Visco-elastic core.- Zip-off soft fabric cover- Suitable for wheelchairs, travelling, office chairs.- Available in 5cm and 10cm thickness..
Ex Tax:$63.80
Brand: ICare Model: ICP1
Traditional shape memory foam The Icare Visco Classic pillow is made up of a breathable high density visco elastic core in a traditional pillow shape, a cooling gel insert and a soft puff quilt style cotton cover...
Ex Tax:$115.00
Brand: ICare Model: ICP3
The Icare Visco Cloud pillow is made up of a high density visco-elastic core with a microfibre filled breathable & anti-allergy cotton cover.The visco core is removable to make the Visco Cloud even softer...
Ex Tax:$105.00
Brand: ICare Model: ICP2
Contoured to shape to support neck & shoulders with high and low side; For correct spinal alignment.The Icare Visco Contoured neck pillow is made up of a high density visco elastic core in a contoured pillow shape, a cooling gel insert and a soft puff quilt style cotton cover.This pillow is reco..
Ex Tax:$110.00
Brand: ICare Model: IC173
Supports pelvis and spineI-care knee pillow is used to alleviate back, knee, leg, and hip pain by promoting correct spinal alignment.This can also be used as a knee spacer during pregnancy, and can be placed under the legs to support the lower back and increase circulationVisco elastic core with was..
Ex Tax:$39.95
Brand: ICare Model: ICMP..
Fitted sheet style protector, white, available in Long single, king single, double or queen size.The Icare Fitted Mattress Protector has 100% cotton terry towelling surface with a noiseless breathable PU backing. Designed in a fitted sheet style these protectors provide waterproof protection for the..
Ex Tax:$36.00
Brand: ICare Model: ...
Just like normal underwear, with an inbuilt pad for low-medium incontinence.» Absorbing perspiration while exercising or running.» Keeps you dry, discreet and comfortable.» Machine washable.» Anti-bacterial and breathable – prevents odours, naturally deodorises.» High quality design and premium manu..
Ex Tax:$39.95
Brand: ICare Model: !C168
The wedge shaped Icare Posture Cushion helps to restore the spine’s natural shape and helps to prevent further damage to your back by removing excessive pressure on the spine.- Foam insert with washable cover- Wedge shape to improve posture- Pressure relieving visco-elasticDimensions: 43x41; thickne..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Brand: ICare Model: IC167
The Icare back cushion is ergonomically designed to provide correct posture and relieve stiffness and pain.It provides targeted support and is contoured to reduce muscle strain.» Reduces pressure in the area of discomfort» Pressure relieving visco elastic» Elastic strap with clip» Zip off washable c..
Ex Tax:$49.95
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