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Bed Mobility Aids To Make You Comfortable

If you’re facing mobility or balance problems, whether it be from old age or from an ongoing disability or condition, you will want to make sure you can feel safe and comfortable in your own bedroom. By choosing and installing the most appropriate bed aids and bed assist devices for your needs, you can make sure your bedroom remains the safest and most comfortable spot in your house.

The best way to choose which bedroom aids you need is to speak to a trained mobility professional from a reliable mobility store. Otherwise, by continuing to read below, you can educate yourself on what you need to know in order to make an informed decision when buying your bedroom aids.

What are bedroom aids used for?

Sleep plays a very important role in your overall well being. If you aren’t feeling confident while in your bedroom, or have fears of falling or making a mess, your overall quality of life will be significantly affected. Bedroom aids are designed to make you feel safe that you won’t fall onto the ground and comfortable no matter what position you are in.

Benefits of bedroom aids

There are a few direct and indirect benefits of bedroom aids that will all help you live your life with more confidence. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased stability moving around the bedroom
  • Easier to get on to and out of the bed
  • Reduced risk of falling while in the bedroom
  • Reduced risk of making accidental messes in the bedroom
  • Elevated mood and wellbeing from greater sleep
  • Reduced fear in the bedroom
  • Easier-to-use and greater independence


Different types of bedroom aids

There are several different types of bedroom aids that will help you in the bedroom depending on your condition. Some of the most common bedroom aids include:

Chair commode
The chair commode is a versatile product that helps you go to the toilet safely at your bedside. They come with a removable pan which allows the disposal of waste to be easy and safe. Some can be used as an over-toilet aid to increase safety in the bathroom as well.

Chair commode with wheels
Some chair commodes also come with wheels. On top of allowing you to go to the toilet from your bedside, a chair commode allows a carer or you to wheel yourself over to a toilet safely,where it then becomes a bathroom aid.

Bed poles & bed rails
Bed poles and rails are aids for getting out of bed, as well as making sure you do not fall out of it while you are sleeping. They attach to the sides of your bed and give you a way to get to sleep safely and comfortably.

Pressure mattress
A pressure mattress is a soft material that is designed to increase the comfort for an individual who is suffering from pressure sores, aches, and areas that hurt. They still offer support at the head and feet but allow other sensitive areas to have relief so you can comfortably sleep.

Foam overlay
A foam overlay is a soft bedroll that you place on top of your mattress that is also designed to help with pressure sores, aches and pains. Simply roll it out and make your bed on top of it.

There are a few different pillows that help you sleep in different positions and will help you with different conditions. For the best advice on which pillow to use for your condition, speak to a mobility professional. Some of the types of pillows include:

  • Chiropractic pillow
  • Banana pillow
  • Horseshoe pillow
  • Star pillow

Back support
Back support in the form of a wedge or disabled beds with remote back elevation controls will make it more comfortable for you to spend long periods of time in your bed. If you enjoy spending most of your time in bed doing things like reading and watching television, proper back support will make your life more comfortable.

Overbed table
If you find it difficult to lean over and access your bedside table from your bed, getting an overbed table that swivels in and out is a great way for you to keep access to bench space from your bed.

Where to buy bedroom aids

If you’re fearful of falling or have pains in the bedroom and want to bolster your comfort and safety, you should definitely consider buying some bedroom aids. But where do you get them?

By visiting The Mobility Store today, you can get access to one of the most comprehensive ranges of bedroom aids in Melbourne and all of Australia. While here, you will be able to speak to one of our friendly and highly-trained mobility professionals that will closely discuss with you your needs and match you with the best product.

If you can’t make it into our store, you can give us a call and we can help you navigate our online shop, so that you can get your mobility aid sent to you from the comfort of your own home.

By shopping with us, you are making sure you are buying from a reputable NDIS registered provider. We also have free shipping for orders over $100 to most capital cities, have a very comprehensive range, and some of the most trained professionals in the business which makes it easy for you to get the right product from wherever you are. Get in touch with us so that you can improve your mobility today.

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