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Wondering if a wheelie walker, rollator walker, knee scooter, or other type of walker is the right choice for you? Browse here to find out the features and benefits.

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Seat Walkers For The Elderly & Disabled

Using a seat walker to assist with your mobility and balance concerns, whether from reaching your senior years or from an ongoing condition, will increase your confidence while walking and reduce your fear. Having a seat walker to stabilise your walking will help you move about easily and reclaim some of your independence. They also give you a place to rest for when you need a break.

What are seat walkers?

Seat walkers, otherwise known as rollators, or walking frames with wheels, are pieces of assistive technology that allow you to walk comfortably with a reduced fear of falling over. You use them by holding onto the handbrakes of the rollator and gently walking forward, wheeling the frame forward as you go.

You can also use your walker with a seat as a temporary point of refuge. Mobility walkers with a seat give you the option to take a break when you need to, which is a great asset when you find it difficult to be on your feet for long periods of time.

What are the benefits of using a seat walker

Using a seat walker will give you several different direct and indirect benefits. How many benefits you reap will depend on how much you rely on your seat walker. The main benefits of a seat walker include:

  • Improve your balance while walking
  • Reduce your fear of falling
  • Increase your confidence while walking
  • Improve your independence and walk longer distances
  • Elevated happiness from your improved mobility


Different types of seat walkers

There are 5 different types of walking frames with seats and walkers with wheels, all designed to help with different conditions and people’s personal preferences. The different types of walkers include:

2 wheel walkers
Typically, 2 wheel walkers cannot also be used as a seat. Having wheels only on the front legs of the walker, they are used by lifting up the back legs, and walking forward. They require more strength then a 4 wheel walker, but offer more stability when stopped because they are not prone to slipping from under you.

3 wheel walkers
The 3 wheeled walker usually does not have a transit chair for you to rest on. However, they are usually foldable which makes them great for travel and are also hyper-mobile with 3 wheels. Unfortunately the cost of being more manoeuvrable means that the walker is less stable and is prone to tipping compared to its 4 wheel walker counterpart.

4 wheel walkers
The 4 wheeled walker is the most durable kind of mobility equipment for the elderly and disabled and has a transit chair for you to rest on when you need a break. You can hold onto the handlebars and gently walk forward with confidence knowing you have enough assistance with your balance to get from A to B.

Foldable wheel walkers
All of the wheel walkers mentioned above could be foldable, and have foldable options available, but that does not mean that all walkers are foldable. Seat walkers can be foldable in any wheel variation which increases its portability. If you want a foldable walker the key thing to do is to check the product before you buy, or ask a professional.

Knee walker
A knee walker is a kind of wheeled mobility aid designed to help those that have suffered a lower limb injury and are unable or don’t want to use crutches. They are a small scooter which you can rest your knee on, and wheel yourself around to where you need to go.

What’s the difference between walking frames and wheeled walkers?

The difference between walking frames and wheeled walkers is that a walking frame does not have wheels. A walking frame will offer more stability when stopped because they are not able to slide out from underneath you. However, wheeled walkers require considerably less upper body strength to use and usually have more features like: being foldable, having baskets and crates, having transit chairs to sit on.

4 Tips on how to choose a seat walker

The best way to choose a seat walker is to talk to a mobility professional that understands your needs. However, there are a few criteria that you should consider before you buy:

  • Do you have upper body strength concerns, and will lifting your walker as you move it be difficult?
  • Do you travel around a lot, and need your walker to be lightweight and foldable?
  • Do you need your walker to be manoeuvrable, and have a tight turning circle like a small wheeled walker?
  • Do you need a seat to sit on for when you need a break from standing?


How to safely use your seat walker

The safest way to use your seat walker is to read the product specific user manual that comes with it, so you know the capabilities of your purchase. However, two safety tips you should always follow include:

  • Take the time that you need to get used to using your new product
  • Don’t try to walk too fast with your walker, it is meant to help you walk safely, but not walk faster
  • Make sure you lock the brakes before sitting on your seat walker


Where to buy the best seat walker in Australia

By visiting The Mobility Store today, you can get access to one of the most comprehensive ranges of walking aids in Melbourne and all of Australia. While here, you will be able to speak to one of our friendly and highly-trained mobility professionals that will closely discuss with you your needs and match you with the best product.

If you can’t make it into our store, you can give us a call and we can help you navigate our online shop, so that you can get your mobility aid sent to you from the comfort of your own home.

By shopping with us, you are making sure you are buying from a reputable NDIS registered provider. We also have free shipping for orders over $100 to most capital cities, have a very comprehensive range, and some of the most trained professionals in the business which makes it easy for you to get the right product from wherever you are. Get in touch with us so that you can improve your mobility today.

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