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Banana Pillow (without slip)


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A body pillow for total comfort and support

From pregnancy discomfort to back tension, the Banana Pillow aligns your body for better sleep. Use it in bed, on the couch, or wherever you need relief. Available in medium and large sizes, with additional foam inserts included for extra comfort.

Can be used as an everyday body pillow or as a specific maternity pillow

  • Aligns multiple parts of your body (spine, hips and shoulders) when side sleeping
  • Hypo-allergenic polyfill filling – great for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Available in medium and large sizes with a variety of pillowcase colours
  • Comes with two additional foam inserts for further support and comfort if required
  • Suitable for use in bed, on the couch, on the floor or in your favourite chair

The Banana Pillow, designed to help with a range of conditions and ailments

  • Sleeping discomfort resulting from pregnancy
  • Back tension
  • Lower back ailments and pain
  • Spinal soreness and stiffness
  • Poor posture
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea

The Banana Pillow, an all-round body pillow for total support

  • Place it behind your head and shoulders for upper back and neck support when sitting up in bed or on the couch
  • Place it between your legs when lying on your side to bring your hips and spine into alignment – great for sufferers of hip pain, lower back pain or sciatica
  • Place it under your belly when lying on your side to support your tummy – perfect during pregnancy
  • Place it on your lap when sitting up in bed or on the couch to support your arms – great for reading, working on a laptop, breastfeeding or holding a baby
  • Place it under your legs when lying on your back to elevate and relieve aching feet
  • Use it on the ground as support for young children while playing

Available in 2 sizes

Available in medium and large sizes to fit your body size perfectly. The arms of the large size are 12cm longer and 4cm wider than the medium size. Also available are pure cotton pillowcases in a variety of colours and sizes.

Suitable as both a pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow

This ergonomic U shape pillow is perfect for use during pregnancy and as a nursing pillow. During pregnancy, use it to elevate your upper body to relieve heartburn and indigestion, or to support your growing tummy in the side sleeping position. Also great to use between your legs to stop spinal twisting and align the hips. Mothers-to-be will love the Banana Body Pillow! Nursing mothers can use the Banana Pillow to support the baby while breastfeeding, or behind the back to improve posture while nursing.

Optimal comfort and support for side sleepers

  • Provides support for your head and neck
  • Long U-shape arms provide comfort to the chest and shoulders
  • Helps ensure correct spinal and hip alignment
  • Helps prevent spinal twisting
  • Replaces two standard pillows

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