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EquaGel Protector Cushion


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EquaGel Protector Cushion

The EquaGel protector cushion is a contoured cushion that acts to relieve pressure in the vulnerable coccyx / ischial tuberosity area.

It is 2.5” divided into two interconnected layers.

The top layer is a thin wall gel (1.0”) and has a tight grid that act as a comfort layer.

The bottom layer is a thicker wall gel (1.5”) and has a wider grid for deep postural support.

It has a contoured pelvic area that allows 1.75” of gel below pressure points which features a pelvic contour that mimics the natural sitting shape and further distributes pressure away from sensitive areas/ pressure points, such as the coccyx bone.

The cover is breathable, water resistant and multi – stretch and the cover base has Velcro for wheelchair seat attachment.

The cushion is not waterproof, however waterproof/incontinent covers can be purchased separately.

Dimensions: (W)46cm x (D)40cm, (W)46cm x (D)46cm x 46cm or (W)50cm x (D) 46cm.

What is the EquaGel Cushion?

EquaGel is made of a dry-polymer gel that is almost rubbery to the touch. This gel forms columns in the EquaGel cushion and when a user sits on the cushion, the columns buckle into the hollow area between the walls for comfort and support. Air channels between the gel walls promote air flow. This, along with the breathable cover, optimises skin microclimate. EquaGel cushions are maintenance-free, do not require set up and are flexible for use on slung wheelchairs seats.

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46cm wide x 40cm, 46cm x 46cm, 50cm wide x 46cm


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