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Izen A13 Bidet


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Easily convert your existing toilet to a premium bidet seat by IZEN – keep your independence and privacy.

Introducing our bidet toilet seat, crafted to provide a superior bathroom experience. With innovative features including a nozzle, customisable presets, and a convenient control panel, our bidet seat combines comfort, hygiene, and ease of use. Elevate your personal care routine with our reliable and luxurious bidet seat, designed to enhance your daily comfort and cleanliness. Discover a new level of sophistication and convenience in the comfort of your own bathroom.
  • Versatile cleansing options with the 3 in 1 Nozzle System.
  • Impeccable hygiene with the nozzle self-clean feature.
  • Hassle-free maintenance with easy nozzle replacement.
  • Personalised comfort with the adjustable heated seat.
  • Intuitive sensing for a tailored experience with the intelligent body sensor.
  • Energy-saving mode with automatic power save.
  • Effortless cleaning with quick release feature.
  • Optimal cleanliness with the convenient auto drain function.
  • Elegance and tranquility with soft closing functionality.
  • Efficient and gentle drying with the air dry feature.

The Mobility Store can arrange installation of the IZEN bidet, safety switch and a power point if needed to provide an easy, one stop, solution. Call us to arrange a quote.

Before you purchase, check to see if you have a compatible toilet, and that you are purchasing the right size of seat. 95% of toilets are compatible, unless you have the curvy kind.

Double check the size you are ordering. Most homes will have elongated toilets, check the measurements from the toilet seat hole to the edge of the bowl.

Speak to us if you need some advice. We’re here to help!

… why not test out our working model instore.

Cleaning features

Experience ultimate comfort and personalised hygiene, with the bidet featuring a heated toilet seat and adjustable controls for water jet temperature, pressure, and nozzle position.

Experience cleanliness and effortless maintenance with the IB9000 bidet. Equipped with a stainless steel nozzle and detachable head, it offers convenience and hygiene. iZen’s advanced self-cleaning system ensures optimal cleanliness before and after each use.

Convenience features

Elevate your hygiene routine with confidence and exceptional functionality. Experience unparalleled comfort and advanced features with our bidet, offering a Built-in Deodoriser, Occupied Seat Sensor, Adjustable Water Jet Valve, Temperature Fuse, Bimetal, and Overcurrent Protection.

Weight bearing capacity 150kg


If you wish to book a bidet installation please download the BIDET INSTALLATION FORM.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 51 × 49 × 15 cm

Elongated, Round, With Remote – Elongated, With Remote – Round


Specification IB-8500 (Remote / Control)
Power Rating Australia, Europe: 220 – 240V~, 50/60Hz, 600-700W
Water inlet type Type Direct Inlet Flow Type
Water Inlet Pressure 0.4 ~ 7.5 kgf/㎠ (5.69 ~ 106.7psi)
Power cord Australia, Europe: 1.8m
Wash Device Posterior Wash Max. 1.2ℓ /min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Feminine Wash Max. 1.2ℓ /min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Water Pressure Adjustments 5 levels
Warm Water Temperature Room Temp. ~ 40°C (Room Temp. 104°F)
Heater 600W
Safety Devices Thermal fuse, Thermal switch, Float switch
Heated Seat Temperature Room Temp. ~ 41°C (Room Temp. 105.8°F)
Heater 55W
Safety Device Thermal fuse
Warm Air Dryer Device Adjustable Dry Temperature Room temp ~ 45°C
Heater 250W
Safety device Thermal fuse, Bimetal
Turbo Wash Function O
Deodorizer O
Remote Control – Elongated/Round (Remote) : O / – Elongated/Round (Control) : X
Inlet water Temperature 3°C ~ 35°C (37.4°C ~ 95°C)
Ambient Temperature 3°C ~ 40°C (37.4°C ~ 104°C)
Dimension – Elongated (Control) : W 495mm / L 525mm / H 185mm
– Elongated (Remote) : W 475mm / L 525mm / H 185mm
– Round (Control) : W 495mm / L 493mm / H 185mm
– Round (Remote) : W 475mm / L 493mm / H 185mm
Weight (kg) – Elongated (Control) : 5.3kg
– Round (Control) : 5.4kg
– Elongated (Remote) : 5.2kg
– Round (Remote) : 5.2kg– Max seat load: 150kg

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