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Spine Saver Lumbar Roll


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Lumber Roll Chiropractic Back Support Cushion

A simple yet effective chiropractic back support that compensates for one\’s natural tendency to slouch when seated by filling in the hollow in the back and in turn supporting the lumbar curve.

Benefits of the Spine Saver Lumber Roll include:

    • Provides chiropractic postural support for the lower back or neck
    • Helps relieve back pain
    • Portable and lightweight, you can use it anywhere you sit
    • Great for the car, at home or the office
    • Compact and convenient
    • Elastic strap secures the roll in the desired position
    • Five unique shapes – round, D, Demi D, egg or oval
    • Available in memory foam or traditional foam options
    • Available in Dura-fab faux-suede cover or Steri-Plus waterproof cover

The Spine Saver is designed to help with a range of therapeutic conditions:

    • Lower back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Poor posture

Choose the right shape for your body

The different shapes and foam densities allow you to select the size and shape for maximum comfort and support for natural spinal alignment and improved posture.

Demi-D (Traditional Foam): The smallest of the lumber rolls, designed for those that want a less pronounced lumbar support. If you have never used a lumber roll previously this model is a good starting point. Typically suits smaller body frames.

Oval (Traditional Foam): Very similar in size to the Demi-D shape Lumbar Roll, but with its curved shape it will be slightly more pronounced in its support without feeling too rigid. Good for smaller body frames. Typically suits smaller to medium body frames.

D (Memory Foam): A full size lumbar roll but being memory foam it will mould to the shape of your back giving a full but less intrusive support. Suits medium body frames.

D (Traditional Foam): Most popular size. Gives good support and a noticeable postural benefit. If unsure this is the general go to product. Suited to medium and large body frames.

Round (Traditional Foam): Slightly more invasive than the D shaped Traditional Foam Lumbar Roll. This support is of most benefit when being used on couches, armchairs or chairs with padding. Typically suited to larger body frames.

Egg (Traditional Foam): A very noticeable support for largest body frames and those wanting a very firm and rigid support through their lower back. Typically suited to the largest of body frames.

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Memory Foam, Traditional Foam


D-Shape, Demi-D, Round, Oval, Egg


Demi D 14cm x 6cm x 31cm
D 14cm x 9cm x 31cm
Round 11cm x 30cm
Oval 17cm x 7cm x 35cm
Egg 13cm x 15cm x 34cm
Inner Material Premium quality Memory or Traditional Foam.
Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
Country of Manufacture Australian Made

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