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Shower Chairs & Stools

Bathrooms are full of hard, sometimes slippery surfaces that make falling a real danger. The majority of bathroom injuries occur while exiting the shower or tub, or while using the toilet.

Shower chairs or stools allow users who cannot stand or are at risk of falling to shower in a seated position. Handles or armrests allow users to lower themselves safely onto the chair, which is particularly important when moving from a wheelchair into the shower.

Over toilet aids provide similar function while using the toilet by adjusting the seat height to a more suitable level for the user. Handles on the device assist users to seat themselves on the toilet. While these products can appear confronting, it is important to understand that they are designed increase safety and reduce stress and worry for independent users while being as discreet as possible. If you are worried about the use of bathroom aids, or are wondering whether these products are suitable for you, consider talking to one of our staff members either in-store or over the phone.

The Mobility Store also offers products such as suction cup mats and railings to reduce slipping hazards and assist with safely moving around the bathroom. These products can either be attached temporarily to bathroom surfaces, or installed more permanently by bathroom specialists.


Aluminium Shower Chair


Over Toilet Frame

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