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Complete Bathroom Aid Buying Guide

Bathroom Aids

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for people with mobility or balance concerns. If you are at risk of falling on the hard and slippery bathroom floor then you should consider some bathroom mobility aids. 

Bathroom aids can give you the assurance you need to be able to move about the bathroom with confidence and increase your independence. 

What are bathroom aids and when do you need them? 

With wet and slippery floors, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house if you suffer from a balance or mobility condition. Because of this, you should do all that you can to try and reduce your risk of falling. 

Bathroom aids for elderly & disabled are pieces of assistive technology that people use in order to be able to safely move about their bathroom.

You will need bathroom aids if you: 

  • Are scared or nervous when walking on the bathroom floor 
  • Find it difficult to get on and off the toilet 
  • Struggle to safely get in and out of the shower or bath
  • Are having difficulty conducting basic tasks on your own in the bathroom 

The benefits of using bathroom and toilet aids for elderly & disabled 

If you’re someone that suffers from any of the issues mentioned above, you will reap many benefits from using bathroom aids. The benefits include:

Reduced fear of falling in the bathroom
Reduced chance of suffering an injury
Safety in the bathroom
Increased independence
Improved mood
Greater comfort
Elevated hygiene

The different types of bathroom aids

Commode chairs 

commode chair is a freestanding toilet chair that helps people relieve themselves when they find it difficult to get to the bathroom because of their age or a condition. If you find it hard to move about the toilet, get to the toilet, and have fears of having an accident, then you should consider getting a commode chair.

There are two types of commode chairs:

A bedside commode chair often looks like a regular chair, but can function as a toilet. They have an open seat and usually have a removable pan underneath them, which can be emptied into the toilet. They are placed in the bedroom for when it is difficult to get to the bathroom, such as when a carer isn’t present. 

The shower commode functions very similarly to the bedside commode, but can also be used as a shower chair. The shower commode chair with wheels can be wheeled from over the toilet, and then directly into the shower. 

Bathroom transfer benches 

The bathroom transfer bench is a seat designed to safely move you from outside to inside of the bath or shower. There are two types of transfer benches: 

The bath transfer bench is a 4-legged wide-chair that straddles your bath (2 legs in the bath, 2 legs out). You use it in the following way: 

    1. Adjust the leg height of the bench
    2. Straddle it over your bath
    3. Sit on the out-of-bath side of the bench
    4. Shimmy yourself over to the bath side of the bench, gently lift your legs into the water
    5. Then gently lower yourself into the water safely

Shower transfer benches are very similar to transfer benches used for the bath. However, instead of lowering yourself into the bath, you can remain seated on the transfer bench and shower while sitting on it. 

    1. Adjust height of the transfer bench
    2. Straddle it over your shower
    3. Sit on the out-of-shower side of the bench
    4. Shimmy yourself over and into the line of the shower
    5. Turn the shower on
    6. Wash yourself while safely sitting on the bench

Shower chairs & stools 

The difference between a shower stool and a shower chair is small, but they do in fact serve different purposes.


A shower stool is a basic product that is designed to give a light amount of mobility support. Small bursts of sitting or help to raise a leg, they are not expensive and are affordable.

A shower chair is, as it sounds, a chair that can go in the shower. These are for people that find it very difficult to stand in the shower, and need to sit down. 

Disability shower mats will increase your traction under foot while in the bathroom which will reduce your chance of falling. Made from rubber compounds, they greatly increase your safety while on hard, wet and slippery bathroom floors. You can use these mats for three purposes: 

  • On the bathroom floor 
  • In the bathtub 
  • In the shower

Bathroom grab rails 

Where you place your grab rails in the bathroom, and how you approach placing them, will change based on which type of grab rail you choose (for optimal selection and placement we recommend consulting with an Occupational Therapist):

These bars are fixed permanently onto the wall. Your grab rail height needs to be carefully considered. Usually, you can work out where it needs to go just by sitting on the toilet, and finding a comfortable position to reach from (the same logic applies to other areas of the bathroom. When fixing your grab rails, you need to make sure they are level. Grab rails that are not level become more difficult to hold onto and increase the risk of slipping. 

With suction grab rails, you can be a bit more liberal with where you place them. They have suction cups that attach onto your wall, so they can be easily moved (they also need to be carefully attached and regularly checked). Even with suction grab rails, you still want to make sure they are as level as possible, so they are safe to use. 

Over toilet frames & toilet raisers 

Over toilet frames & raisers can raise the height of your toilet and gives you arm rests, which makes the toilet more accessible and easier-to-use.

If you suffer from incontinence issues, continence aids will help you reduce your risk for making a mess. Some different types of continence aids include:

  • Adult diapers
  • Wipes
  • Waterproof pads/mats
  • Portable urinals

Where to buy bathroom aids in Australia?

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