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EquaGel High Level Pressure Relief Cushion


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EquaGel High Level Pressure Relief Cushion

EquaGel™ is a dry-polymer gel with incredible tensile and compression strength and durability.

Through two-stage ‘column buckling’ the maximum surface area of pressing weight of the user’s the thighs and buttock is evenly supported by largely equalised pressure. The even distribution of force minimises likelihood if pressure injury and continues to allow blood flow to the seated areas of the body.

Also available in the Protector Cushion model which features a pelvic contour that mimics the natural sitting shape and further distributes pressure away from sensitive areas/ pressure points, such as the coccyx bone.

Dimensions: 46cm x 40cm or 46cm x 46cm. Standard height 5cm.

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46cm wide x 40cm, 46cm x 46cm


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