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Foam Tubing (Packet of 6)


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Foam Tubing (Packet of 6)

The foam tubes included in this set of 6 are designed to provide greater control and grip for people who lack coordination, strength or gripping ability when using tools and utensils.

The tubes are in 3 different internal diameters and can be easily slipped over the handles of various objects, such as cutlery, pens, pencils, toothbrushes, or gardening tools, to increase the diameter and make them easier to hold.

The tubing is made of soft foam material, which has a slip-resistant outer layer to prevent objects from slipping out of the user’s hand. The tubing is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

In addition to being used to build up tool and utensil handles, these foam tubes can also be slit lengthwise and used to pad railings, brackets, and other surfaces for increased comfort and safety.

The tubing measures 30cm in length, and can be easily cut to the desired length to fit the specific application.

Overall, this product is a practical and useful aid for people with gripping difficulties or limited dexterity, helping them to maintain their independence and perform daily tasks with greater ease and comfort.


  • Used for building up tool and utensil handles to give greater control to people who lack coordination, strength or gripping ability.
  • Slit lengthwise to pad railings, brackets, etc.
  • Tubing has a slip resistant outer layer and is dishwasher safe.
  • The tubing is 30cm long, but can be cut to any required length.
  • Comes with 6 foam tubes
  • Dimension: 95mm inside hole diameter, 2.95mm outside diameter.

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