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The Mrs Peggs Handy Peg is a set of 24 pegs that have been specially designed to provide an easy, soft grip for people with arthritic finger joints or other conditions that make gripping difficult.

These pegs feature a unique design that allows you to simply poise the peg over the line, give it a slight squeeze, and it will go over the item and onto the line with ease.

Made from high-quality materials, these pegs are strong and durable, and have been UV treated to ensure they can withstand all weather conditions.

Whether you’re hanging clothes out to dry on a sunny day, or dealing with damp conditions during the rainy season, these pegs will hold up and keep your clothes securely in place.

Overall, Mrs Peggs Handy Pegs are a practical and useful product for anyone who struggles with gripping and using traditional pegs.

With their soft grip and easy-to-use design, they make hanging laundry a breeze, no matter what the weather is like outside.


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