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Lucky ONE Body Pillow


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Simple straight full body pillow

The Lucky One Body pillow is an excellent side sleeping pillow, providing excellent support to the hips, legs and spine. A great choice during pregnancy, nursing or post-surgery.

Support for the hips, legs and spine

Cradle, cuddle or use as a bolster – the Lucky One pillow provides comforting relief to sore hips, legs and spines and supports growing or large bellies.

The Lucky One Body Pillow has a range of benefits including:

    • Helps keep the hips in alignment to reduce, back and hip pain
    • Provide support to the growing abdomen during pregnancy
    • Alleviates restless tossing and turning
    • Provides comfort to those sleeping alone – the perfect ‘cuddling partner’
    • Use as a bolster when reading in bed
    • Comfort and support whilst working on the couch
    • Support for nursing mothers to alleviate aching arms and back
    • Great on the floor for the kids when doing homework, relaxing or simply watching a movie

Designed in consultation with health professionals to assist with the following conditions:

    • Pregnancy
    • Breastfeeding
    • Post-surgery
    • General wellbeing

Fantastic multi-tasker

The Lucky One can be used in many different ways – it really is the ultimate multi-tasker!

Sleeping pillow, floor cushion, bolster, on the couch, by the pool – use the Lucky One to comfort, support or prop whenever and wherever you choose.

With a simple long and straight design, the pillow is effective and supportive but won’t take up too much room in the bed or anywhere else.

Many people prefer to sleep on their sides but find it uncomfortable. The Lucky One Body pillow encourages side sleeping as it provides support to the hips, legs and spine. Side sleeping is also the medically preferred position for pregnant women, making this pillow an excellent pregnancy pillow for maintaining healthy blood flow throughout the body.

The Lucky One also includes extra foam inserts so you can add support where you need it.

Available with an easily removable and washable cover

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