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Stand Up Bed Alarm


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Stand Up Bed Alarm

The Stand Up Bed Alarm is placed on top of the mattress underneath the bottom bed sheets. It is triggered when the person gets out of bed.

The Stand Up Bed Alarm is made with a sewn, wipeable vinyl cover. There are two ties to secure it in place around the mattress.

Normally you want to place it so the hips and shoulders are on the alarm pad. This is so there is enough weight going through the pad as someone turns, and shifts weight between the hips and shoulders.

There is a built-in delay of about 1/2 second. This is so that if someone is just changing position there should not be any false alarms.

Some people under 40kg / 90lbs may not be heavy enough for this product to work.

There are two options with regard to the alarm alerting Carers:

  • Sounding Alarm Box – An alarm box which makes a sound. 5m cord length (or 10m extension cord available).
  • Nurse Call Plug – This plugs into the nurse call system and sets off the Carers’ pager.


Watch an example video HERE.


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