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Assistance in Motion: Navigating the Conversation with Your Partner About Mobility Aids

February 17, 2023

Is your partner or family member showing signs of limited mobility? Maybe they seem to be off balance and struggle to walk, and you fear they might fall at some point. If they have suffered an injury, have a condition, or are being affected by their age, it’s only natural that they’d start to show limited mobility or off-balance. 

There is a solution, but it might be a hard conversation to have. 

Mobility aids can significantly improve people’s lives, but a lot of people think there’s a negative stigma associated with them, and don’t want the help that they need. 

If you needed an arm cast for a broken arm, you wouldn’t care about what it looks like would you? 

The same logic should apply to your mobility aids.  

If you think your partner needs mobility aids but they’re being hesitant on getting them, it’s a conversation you need to have. That being said, how do you do it? In this article we will give you some tips on how you can address the issue so that you can both get back to living comfortably. 

What common mobility conditions require mobility aids?

There’s a heap of different conditions that can be helped with mobility aids, and if we were to list them all you wouldn’t have enough time in your day to read this entire article. 

The common broad mobility conditions that will be helped by mobility aids includes: 

  • Losing balance and mobility from ageing 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Chronic conditions 
  • Injuries 
  • Reduced strength in your lower body 
  • You take medication that makes you dizzy 

5 Tips for having the tough conversation 

Having a conversation that neither of you want to have will always be hard, but there are things you can do before and during to make it easier for the both of you. Here are five tips you can use:  

  1. Find a comfortable location they’re familiar with 

Before having the conversation, find a location that they are both familiar with and are comfortable in. This will help lower their guard and if they feel upset or sad, they’re not in a high stress environment. Whether this be somewhere in your home or a local park, think of somewhere they enjoy spending time in. 

  1. Wait for the right time

There’s no point starting the conversation if you’ve just had a fight or done something high-stress, you’re only going to upset your partner further by doing this and they’re not going to be receptive to your suggestion. 

Instead, perhaps take them for a nice lunch to calm them down, then once you’re home slowly start discussing the fact you think they need mobility aids. 

  1. Ask a friend of theirs to be there if you/they need

If you’re feeling too stressed to have the conversation by yourself, or you think they would be more at ease, it isn’t a bad idea to ask a friend to join the discussion. By having someone other than yourself there to express concern for their wellbeing, it’s easier for them to understand that mobility aids may be the best solution. 

  1. Be clear about how you feel 

If you’re having this discussion, nine times out of ten the best thing to do is to just be completely honest. If you’re only trying to think of the “best thing” to say, you might not be facing all the facts on how you feel. 

Take it from us, the “best thing” you can do is to just be honest and open up on how you feel. This will make you come across as genuine and will help your partner come to terms with their condition. 

  1. Think about it from their perspective 

One thing that you should do during the entire process is think about it from their perspective, but be honest to yourself. Think if you know them and hearing it over cake in the living room is the way to do it, then do that. Or maybe bringing up the topic over a pint at the pub is their place of comfort, then do that. 

Just think about the situation from their perspective, and you will do fine. 

3 Ways to encourage a loved on to use mobility aids 

Additionally to making your partner comfortable when discussing mobility aids, you should try to encourage and excite your partner for how their life will get better. Here are three ways to do just that: 

  1. Emphasise the advantages

First thing is first, you should emphasise the advantages and benefits of using mobility aids. Some of these advantages and benefits include: 

  • Improved balance and walking pattern 
  • Increased stability and assistance with general weakness 
  • Enhanced safety and independence from a reduced risk of falling 
  • Reduced fear 
  • Ability to do the things they once loved comfortably 
  1. Discuss what their preferences are 

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one mobility aid that will help with a condition, so discuss what their preferences are. They could be open to things like: 

  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility scooters
  • Walking sticks 
  • Walking frames and rollators 
  • Bed rails and other safety bars
  1. Talk about the professionals that can help them 

Reassuring your partner that there are professionals that they can speak to in order to get help can be very encouraging. There are two people your partner should consider talking to: 

  • Your GP 
  • A team member and a mobility aid store. The Mobility Store showrooms in Melbourne and Perth have been designed to be inviting and non-threatening.  They have a wide and interesting range of products that anyone will enjoy browsing.

Consequences of not using mobility equipment properly 

The consequences for not using mobility equipment when your condition suggests that it’s probably a good idea, can be significant. Some of the consequences include: 

  • High risk of injury from falling 
  • Potential to worsen your condition or injury 
  • Unable to do the things you love 
  • Bring up new muscular-skeletal issues 

Where to buy mobility aids in Australia

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