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Best pillows for back support, foot support or neck pain in bed

April 3, 2024

As we age, the importance of quality sleep and restorative rest becomes increasingly vital for our overall health and well-being. For the elderly, selecting the right pillow is not merely about comfort but also about addressing specific needs and challenges that come with ageing.

From alleviating joint pain to promoting proper alignment, the right pillow can make a significant difference in the sleep quality and daily comfort of seniors.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top considerations and recommended pillow types tailored to the unique needs of the elderly, ensuring they can enjoy restful and rejuvenating sleep every night.

Pillows come in various shapes and are filled with a variety of materials with each designed to serve different purposes and providing varying levels of support and comfort.

Standard Pillow: Standard pillows are typically rectangular in shape and are commonly used for sleeping. They are typically filled with down, feather or polyester fibrefill. They do not offer the same support as memory foam or latex pillows.

Contour Pillow: Contour pillows are designed with a curved shape to support the natural curvature of the neck and spine. They provide targeted support and can help reduce pressure points, making them ideal for seniors with neck or back issues. These pillows are typically filled with memory foam but can be filled with latex or gel-infused foam.

Wedge Support Pillow: a specially designed pillow typically made from foam or other supportive materials. It is shaped like a wedge, with one end being thicker and gradually tapering down to a thinner end. This unique shape allows it to provide support and elevation to various parts of the body, particularly the upper body, back, or legs.

The Adjusta wedge body support pillow is often recommended by healthcare professionals and it is not just for the elderly. It may be used for individuals recovering from surgery, managing certain medical conditions, or needing extra support during pregnancy.

wedge pillow

Leg Spacers also known as knee pillows or leg positioners, are specialised pillows designed to promote proper alignment and relieve pressure on the lower back, hips, and knees during sleep. These pillows are particularly beneficial for elderly individuals who may experience discomfort or pain in these areas. We have a range of different types of knee and leg spacers products at The Mobility Store which align the knees and hips to relieve lower back pain.

Foot reliever support pillows are a specialised pillow designed to provide comfort and relief for the feet. These pillows are typically crafted with materials that offer cushioning and support, helping to alleviate pain, pressure, and discomfort in the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Foot reliever support pillows are often recommended by healthcare professionals as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for foot-related conditions. They can be used during rest or sleep to provide continuous support and comfort.

At The Mobility Store we also stock traveller neck support pillows. They are made of memory foam and provide support and comfort during your trip. These are particularly essential for the elderly when they are travelling.

When selecting a pillow for an elderly individual, it’s essential to consider their specific needs, preferences, and any existing medical conditions.

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